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Afternoon Stroll with Canoe Club

Timothy Grindle is a recent transplant to Boulder, moved from Chicago last winter to open his menswear store Canoe Club with his team. He immediately plugged into the downtown community and has been busy outfitting Boulder's men to look & feel great.  

To start an afternoon stroll through downtown Boulder, Lolita's is a my first stop. It's right across the street from our shop down on 8th and Pearl, so their phenomenal sandwiches are my go-to. 

Back down toward the bricks, I like to stop into Fjallraven, say hi to Jenny and see what new outwear the Swedes have created. If I'm due for a haircut, I'll head down to the East End and see Anthony at Rollins Barber Shop. They just opened this summer and are blowing up. It's a great bunch of guys and they set you up with a mean fade. For coffee I'll head east a bit further to either Rapha or Boxcar Coffee. They're both great options depending on what mood you're in.

Downtown Boulder is great and those are some of my favorite options. Enjoy! 

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Why Downtown?

We love the West End especially, because we just far enough down that customers feel like they have found a place not everyone knows about yet and still close enough to Pearl Street veterans that we feel very part of that community.

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