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Downtown Insider with Matt Segal

Matt Segal left the beaches of Miami for the Flatirons of Boulder and hasn't looked back!  The professional rock climber has traveled the world but always landed back in Boulder.  Matt graduated from Naropa University and, when in town, can often be found somewhere downtown.

It doesn't get much better than morning coffee at Boxcar. They've perfected the art of cowboy style coffee, which is something I can really appreciate having just started my own instant coffee product for on the go use, Alpine Start. 

After I'm fully caffeinated, I would probably sneak a quick paragliding flight at Wonderland Lake, just north of downtown. 

If I had time I'd pop into Zeal Optics and pay a visit to my friends making plant-based sunglasses before hitting happy hour at Pizzeria Alberico for some authentic Italian wood-fired pizza, and of course a late night cocktail and snacks at Bramble & Hare is always the perfect end to a day. 

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It doesn't get much better than this!

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