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Beer Me with The Post Chicken & Beer

Kyler is the The Post Chicken & Beer's GM in Boulder.  He loves everything this state has to offer - skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, and especially craft beer.  Kyler has been managing brewpubs for five years finding his home in this little niche intersection between the restaurant industry and the craft beer industry. Since moving back to Colorado from Alaska, Kyler joined the Big Red F team working at The Post locations in Lafayette, Longmont, and now downtown Boulder. 

Boulder is a place that's maintained its unique character through the massive evolution that's happened over the past decade. Though there are some businesses that have come and gone, the overall vibe of Pearl Street and the downtown district in general is still quintessentially "Boulder".

When it comes to my favorite beer, I'm biased, but this is the honest truth - I'm a massive fan of The Post's Howdy Pilsner. It does a good job of satisfying a craving for something that just tastes like the platonic ideal of "beer".  The Pilsner is flavorful, crushable, and definitely one of the best we offer. 

Laugh if you want but I'm a sucker for a bar with Big Buck Hunter. And, The Attic is one of two places in Boulder with Big Buck Hunter HD. The vibe is great for a few pints with friends or to watch a sports game, and their draft list has solid craft beer chops with good representation from both in and out of state.

My favorite place for a beer and bite to eat is the rooftop of West End Tavern. There's something about beer and barbecue that just work together perfectly.

Bohemian Beirgarten has the best beer selection. There's a lot to be said about the love that goes in to managing a draft list with so many imports. It takes amazing effort to maintain the different glassware, different styles of keg couplers, the myriad distributors, and a whole host of other attention to detail that has to happen to maintain a stellar selection.  Respect to the Beirgarten for their hard work and representing the Old World so well in a city that's known for its local brews.

If you’re looking for a good happy hour, you can't beat $1.50 oysters at Jax. Insider tip: they have all-night happy hour on Mondays.

During the summer months, another great option for beer is Wednesday nights Bands on the Bricks. The music is always phenomenal, the Beer Garden is hopping and it's wonderful to see the whole community come out and to enjoy some good ol' Boulder sunshine together. 

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I'm in Downtown Boulder because this is the epicenter of everything cool happening in the Front Range - for almost every industry.

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