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Downtown Insider with Todd Reed

Todd Reed is a largely a self-taught, innovative artisan who creates luxury jewelry working with recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds. His one-of-a-kind creations utilize precious metals and stones that merge rugged natural beauty with refined sculptural elegance.Todd's team is comprised of master jewelers who he considers artisan-collaborators, expressing their own skill and passion through the unwavering hand-made ethos of the Todd Reed brand.

My morning typically starts off with a meditation that I call "singing walk". I put my headphones in, walk into the foothills and just breathe. 

I always go to Boxcar or Laughing Goat in the morning, mostly for social interaction. I know so many people on the street that it feels like a big family. Then I'll make my way to the office where I spend time doing things that matter with people I love. 

I often get Illegal Pete's or Pizzeria Locale for lunch meetings. On my favorite days I'll get to meet my girlfriend for lunch then walk to some shops like Cedar & Hyde or the Boulder Book Store.

When evening rolls around I'll walk again, maybe stopping at Zoe Ma Ma for some chicken soup. Pearl Street is my home, so I take pride in the businesses and owners and general vibe on the street. I love living here!

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Todd Reed


Todd Reed



Why Downtown?

Pearl Street is my home.

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