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Yes Chef! with T/Aco

There's no better place to spend Taco Tuesday than with Peter Waters and his crew from T/Aco. The restaurant is a local favorite with a hip concept, focusing on fresh ingredients and great tastes. Peter is the guy who knows everyone downtown and on Tuesdays, almost everyone downtown is enjoying margs at T/Aco! 

With all of the great dining options in downtown Boulder its easy to overlook the talented chefs that are responsible for plating our favorite dishes. The only thing I enjoy more then sitting down at some of my favorite Boulder restaurants is catching up with the chefs that make our town one of the most highly respected culinary cities around.  

Next time you are craving New American Cuisine be sure to swing by OAK at fourteenth and keep an eye out for chef Steve Redzikowski who can almost always be found behind the chef's counter manning the open flame, oak burning grill for which the restaurant is named. Chef Steve is a native New Yorker that has really made a name for himself cooking in Colorado. He is a two time James Beard award finalist and has been known to make the occasional appearance as a guest chef in the T/Aco kitchen. You can find his porchetta taco from time to time on our secret menu.

Want to know what it takes to run 13 industry leading restaurants, look no further then chef/entrepreneur Dave Query. DQ as he is known by his friends, is responsible for bringing Jax Fish House, Zolo Grill, Centro, West End Tavern and most recently The Post to Downtown Boulder. Dave is a community leader, visionary, and dynamic chef that is constantly finding new ways to scratch his philanthropic itch by combining great food and great people through out the year. Look for DQ hosting any number of fundraising events in downtown boulder, my personal favorite being the Jax High West Oyster Fest.

If you need a little bit of exercise before you sit down for your next meal, I highly recommend you head a few blocks east on Pearl to check out what Chef Daniel Asher is cooking up at River and Woods.  Sourcing family recipes from the local community, chef Daniel has created a menu that speaks to the history and heritage that has made Boulder the wonderful town it is today.

So next time you find yourself in any of these incredible chef's restaurants at the end of the night, see if you can buy them a drink and maybe hear their story first hand.  And be sure to tell them Peter Waters says "hello".

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I love the people that make up our community, the creative minds, the happy smiles, the ambitious spirits and the collaboration of all those amazing people coming together.

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