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Fall Treats to Enjoy!

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Post Date: Thursday, September 23, 2021

Hey Downtown!

The first day of Autumn was September 22 which means fall is upon us! I am so excited for the various decor, drinks, food, clothing and other seasonal items. I want to share a few places I love that have some fall items rolling out already.

Peppercorn has a few Halloween displays up already and they’re adorable. They have candy, mini haunted mansion decorations and even spooky cookie cutters! Fall is a great season to start baking by yourself or with the family. They also have candles year round, but you can never go wrong with a fresh candle collection to bring in the cooler, cozy days. I have always loved Peppercorn for their various options for cooking/baking, home decor and even books. Add them to your list of places to check out as we venture into this new season! 

Peppercorn's Halloween display


Trident Booksellers and Cafe is a newer spot to me and they have all the right fall elements to mention in this week's blog. I have only been here twice, but the display of books, quiet environment and smell of coffee create the most relaxing atmosphere that’s unforgettable. Their selection of coffee is delicious and so are their pastries! While visiting today, I decided to get an iced caramel latte and one of their chocolate croissants which I enjoyed them as I sat in their outdoor seating area. If you enjoy reading during the cooler seasons, then this might be the place for you! They offer newer as well as older books, so you can stock up on inventory while reading and enjoying a nice, warm drink to welcome in autumn.

Trident Cafe's fall-themed coffee and pastry


Ku Cha House of Tea - Boulder is another great spot to gear up for fall coziness. They offer a wide variety of loose leaf teas and tea ware. Their fall display features Organic Autumn Chai, Creamed Honey and Golden Monkey Black Tea. Tea is not only a great alternative for coffee, but it’s also great to embrace full fall mode. I personally love Chai and think it’s one of the ultimate fall drinks one can have. Make sure to add Ku Cha to your radar!

Ku Cha's selection of autumn chai teas


Lush Cosmetics offers great fall (and non seasonal) goodies. Their Halloween/fall collection features four bath bombs - a pumpkin, ghost, bat and a sphere, shower jelly that’s a monster octopus, a bubble blower called Screamo, shower gel called Lord of Misrule, an alien bubble bar, shower slime, soaps, a lip scrub, product holder and various knot-wraps. I personally love their bath bombs and recommend trying them out to relax after a long day of work or school. 

Lush's selection of fall soaps


I hope you enjoy these places just as much as I have and choose to check them out! What’s your favorite part of fall? Email me at to let me know! 

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