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See You Around Downtown, Alex Thompson

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Posted Tuesday, May 3, 2022

headshot of Alex in front of happy place mural

Hey Downtown!

In my first blog I wrote about how much I loved Boulder, and now writing my last blog I can say my love for this town has only grown. I’ve had so many great experiences working with the Downtown Boulder Partnership - from helping out at the DBP Annual Luncheon where I heard so many great members of the community speak about their lives in Boulder, to assisting with photoshoots for the new Happy Place brand campaign. Time flies by and it’s important to stop in the hustle and bustle to enjoy life's moments.

Speaking of enjoying life, I found a few new happy places of my own while working downtown! Most days while I was downtown I ate lunch at Fuji Restaurant & Bar enjoying an onigiri set, my favorite one being the tuna-mayo. It was a very enjoyable place to have a quiet lunch by myself during work, and a great place to take friends to fill up and enjoy some drinks at a very reasonable price. Also, shout out to Organic Sandwich Company as another great place to grab lunch during the work week - I don’t think I’ve ever had a sandwich that has ingredients that taste so real and for only around $10!

Street Performer

One of my favorite nights downtown was with my girlfriend, we found Silver Vines Winery offering a wine tasting for only $12 to try three different wines. The best wine I’ve ever had was their Chocolate Delight. I’m not over-hyping it when I say it is divine. The atmosphere there is so great I ended up joining their wine club. When we were leaving, we saw a street performer gathering people to watch his performance. I ended up helping him balance on a pole while he juggled fire! We ended the night at the Bohemian Biergarten where I enjoyed one of their famous liter beers.

One of my favorite things to do is explore and find new things. I had a lot of opportunities to do that during this internship, specifically by discovering downtown murals while I was writing the mural tour blog for Boulder Arts Week. So, to finish up my internship I created a comprehensive map of all the murals downtown, which includes even more murals than I have found on any pre-existing list. I guarantee there are some murals big and small you have never seen before on this map. I also added a few directions you can take for a self-guided mural tour. I highly recommend the one on the East End as there are so many amazing murals all close to each other. My walking mural tour map can be found here.

Although I will not be writing the blogs anymore, I hope to be living and working in Boulder after I graduate from CU in 2023. So I will still…

See you around downtown,
Alex Thompson

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