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Tea for Two, and Two for Tea

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Post Date: Monday, October 21, 2019

With Boulder’s colder weather setting in I have been in the mood for all things Hygge (HOO-gah). Hygge is known as the Danish lifestyle of coziness and contentment through wellness and the simple things in life. A scene of Hygge can look like: a hot cup of tea, lounge clothes and wool socks, lots of warm blankets, a fire, lit candles and a good book to read.This concept has become popular in the US on social media for a way to practice “self-care” and become genuinely happy (Denmark is the world’s happiest country after all!). I scoured downtown Boulder for items that would allow me to master the concept of “Hygge” so that I (and you) can be at my highest level of comfort during my downtime! 

First, I needed tea! I always love visiting Ku Cha House of Tea. They have over 150 premium loose leaf teas and even a Blend-Your-Own-Tea Bar. Some of the flavors that caught my eye included their Autumn Chai tea (perfect for the season), Autumn Beauty tea, which is a tea that blooms into a beautiful  flower, and their Be Happy tea. Ku Cha also sells teas that can be used for baths (definitely Hygge-approved). Their Boreal Forest bath tea “steeps away stress, invigorates the senses, and relieves chest congestion.” Ku Cha House of Tea is 100% the place to go for the mission to Hygge! Join them every Saturday when they offer special tea tastings in their tea room

Next on my list of cozy items was a blanket! Jones + Co Modern Mercantile has their very own “pillow shop” and a wide selection of blankets. One that I loved was their Striped Momos Wool Blanket that has light pink and white stripes on it with tassels at the ends. They also have a large selection of cozy home decor like their white hand carved coffee mugs, modern clay vases and P.F. Candles in scents like Sandalwood Rose.

To complete my Hygge, a book is a must. I frequent the Boulder Book Store whenever I am looking for my next read. This place is awesome because they have a whole wall of staff recommendations and most popular picks. I chose The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood featured on Boulder Book Store’s “Fiction Bestsellers” list. I did watch the Hulu show, so I was excited to be able to compare the actual book with the series!

My last must-have was a nice pair of socks. I wanted wool socks so that my feet would be completely covered in coziness. Go Far Shop is partnered with Smartwool and other vendors of wool socks, so I paid them a visit. There were Smartwool socks in a variety of colors and prints. I saw a pair of “Tibetan Red” socks that look optimal for fall comfort. It is a medium-cushion sock for “enjoying cold winter days in comfort.” Sounds perfect to me! Other Hygge items they carry include mittens, scarves and soaps! Who would’ve known Go Far Shop has it all!

I hope my ~Hygge~ inspired list has given you some ideas for how to stay snug and comfortable this season! Now I definitely feel prepared for enduring the snow and winter weather that is to come! 


Enjoy your day with a nice cup of tea, 

Intern Alicia

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