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Savvy on Pearl

Erica sitting outside her shop

A lot has changed in the past few years. How we communicate, interact and behave with one another looks vastly different than it did before March 2020. Just as we all had to re-think our daily lives, small businesses also had to change how to safely serve consumers. However, change is not something that scares Erica Dahl at Savvy on Pearl. In fact, it is exactly what has helped her business thrive.

Growing up, Erica always admired her mother who worked in the retail industry. However, she wanted to forge her own path and cater to a different demographic of customers. Almost 15 years ago, she opened the doors to her own store, Savvy on Pearl.  

She hasn’t left since. 

However, her shop has grown alongside the city of Boulder.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I can really listen and respond to customers’ needs. What I sell now is completely different from what I sold when I first opened my doors,” said Erica.

“As Boulder has become more of a tourist destination, I can cater my products to be more promotional of Colorado and the city. People want to represent Boulder and show they have been here, which is something I’ve been able to provide through my store.

The ability to be responsive is a key differentiator between local businesses and corporations. 

“Engaging with customers on a personal level and getting to know locals has fostered a strong sense of community in downtown Boulder,” explained Erica. “Rather than viewing other businesses as competitors, small businesses downtown have harmonious relationships with one another. Such cool neighbors make Pearl Street so unique!”

That is why Erica encourages anyone who is able to come shop downtown and support small businesses. Not only do you get items in stores right away versus waiting for long shipping delays, but you strengthen the local community. 

And what’s next for Savvy on Pearl? If history is any indicator, it will continue to evolve alongside Boulder. View the shop online and follow its social channels (@savvyonpearl). 

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Such cool neighbors make Pearl Street so unique!

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