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Photo of Andrea in her store

Andrea Uzarowski’s culinary journey began in Denmark when she was five years old, helping her grandmother cook in her kitchen. Chopping onions and boiling pasta alongside family became a space where she felt happy and safe. These shared moments with her grandmother ignited a passion in Andrea that would last a lifetime - through a MBA degree, an investment banking job in New York City, a career shift into culinary school and a move to Colorado - her love for transforming ingredients into culinary delights and creating safe spaces never left her.

“When I first started out in investment banking, I vividly remember doodling how I would plate my dinner while coworkers left for the day,” said Andrea. “Food has always been a constant part of my life, and I really dug my heels in and got to work after I left the finance industry and went to culinary school. It was an intense first few years - but I am resilient and worked hard to secure positions in incredible kitchens around the world.”

Andrea trained in Michelin-starred kitchens throughout Europe, including in Slovenia and Denmark. In 2016, she moved to Colorado and became an executive chef for one of the largest catering companies in Boulder. “When COVID hit, I lost my position in the catering business - but I was given the opportunity to reflect and slow down. For the first time in so long, I felt calm. I was given the clarity to realize that I can do what I’m passionate about on my own.”

In summer of 2020, Andrea started her own catering business, Fresh Food Further. “From the catering company, my dream was to create a physical space where my love for cooking, home goods and community could be combined. When I finally found the space at 2031 16th St., it felt like the perfect home for my vision.” 

Süti & Co opened its doors in fall of 2022. “Shortly after renting out the building, I went home to Denmark and visited my grandmother. She gave me her recipe book of shortbread cookies we used to bake, and it was a really beautiful moment that solidified the values of my store. I want to create a safe, calming space where everyone can walk in and feel at home. Customers can sip on a warm beverage, eat a sweet treat and browse curated home goods from businesses that are women-owned, single-parent owned and sustainable. Visitors can read a book or chat with friends - whatever they need to recharge.”

Opening her shop in downtown Boulder has helped Andrea foster a sense of community that is essential for her business. “I truly feel like this space found me. Being so close to Pearl Street is wonderful, but we still get our own tucked away corner of peace. My clientele are receptive to my vision for the shop and the story behind it. I feel so honored to be welcomed here with open arms.”

To support the continued success of Süti & Co, keep showing up to the store and bringing your friends. “In addition to our sweet offerings, we are starting to consistently provide savory options and nibble boards. We also have a monthly Supper Club, where groups of people can come together to enjoy good company and delicious meals. And if you are located far away, Süti & Co will ship shortbread cookies anywhere in the United States! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@sutiandco) for the latest updates on tasty bites offered in-store.”

While Andrea’s path to opening her first shop was a winding one, she’s been able to come back to her Scandinavian roots and share the love she felt cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen with the Boulder community. “Coming into Süti & Co is like walking into a cozy hug. We hope all our customers leave feeling happy, refreshed and ready to conquer whatever is waiting for them outside.”

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I truly feel like this space found me. Being so close to Pearl Street is wonderful, but we still get our own tucked away corner of peace.

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