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Downtown Boulder Gift Card • Issued by Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC

Resources For Customers and Participating Merchants


For information on using your gift card, checking your balance, returns and additional information, please see out customer gift card guide.

Customer Gift Card Guide

Participating Merchants

Gift Card FrontWe are excited to offer the Downtown Boulder Gift Card as a program to increase spending at our local businesses. The gift card is accepted at over 100 downtown businesses. The card is processed as a credit transaction. All transactions processed on the DBP Gift Card will be deposited to your business account just like any other credit transaction.

Because it is a gift card with a set amount, some POS systems will treat the card differently than others. If the card is initially declined, try this:

  • Split the transaction and run the card only for the current balance on the card, then run the remaining check balance with another form of payment.

Card balance can be found by calling 1-800-755-8713 or checking at - both of these resources are listed on the back of every card.

If your business has recently installed a new POS system, we will need to re-establish the connection to the DBP Gift Card closed loop program before your system will be able to accept the card again. Call 303-449-3774 or email and we will get this taken care of right away.

Printable Participating Merchants Gift Card Reference Guide