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Organic Sandwich Company

Marcy smiling in her sandwich shop

Sometimes, the best ideas are born over a warm cappuccino and a slice of banana bread. It was in this setting at Trident Booksellers and Cafe that Marcy Miller would sneak away from her young family to draft her business plan for what was to become Organic Sandwich Company. 

However, this idea had been brewing for some time. After finishing business school, Marcy had a good idea and an entrepreneurial spirit - what if she opened a farm-to-table sandwich shop? Between her financial background, her sister’s culinary degree and their shared passion for real, healthy food, the sisters had a dream team already built. Unfortunately, the timing was never quite right.

After relocating from Chicago to Boulder with her family, Marcy could never quite shake the lingering feeling that she was meant to be a business owner. 

“Once I had kids, I really began looking at ingredients in food. I cared even more about eating clean, organic, locally-sourced foods. And as I worked at developing my business plan, I realized that the people of Boulder care about those things, too.”

In 2014, Marcy was able to take her first stab at selling sandwiches at the local Boulder County Farmers Market. The result? 

“People loved our sandwiches. I was able to source ingredients from the stands of farmers around me and build strong relationships with local food producers. I built my menu based on sandwich of the week feedback at the market,” said Marcy.

Just one year later, she was opening the doors to her business at the corner of Pearl and 16th Street And she’s been breaking barriers and exceeding expectations ever since.

“I wanted to challenge the stigma that farm-to-table had to equal fine dining. You can come to my store with kids or for a quick bite to eat and know that you will be eating high quality, local food without the pressure of a white tablecloth experience,” explained Marcy.

Over five years and another store later, Organic Sandwich Company remains a cornerstone of collaboration for the Boulder food community. 

“When you support Organic Sandwich Company, you are supporting local farmers, bakers, ranchers and food entrepreneurs. Our goal is to be tied to the Colorado community as much as we possibly can. Get out there and support your local businesses because for every dollar you spend in your community, more than half of it stays local!" 

When Marcy first seriously planned on starting her business, she knew it was a risk. However, she wanted to try and possibly fail rather than regret never pursuing her dream. Her thriving store today is proof that with support, planning and the occasional slice of banana bread, dreams can come true. Be sure to check out their website and follow them on social media (@organicsandwhich). 

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Our goal is to be tied to the Colorado community as much as we possibly can.

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