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See You Around, Downtown Boulder!

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Post Date: Monday, May 3, 2021

Hi Downtown Boulder Readers!

I never thought the day would come after this crazy pandemic semester, but I am sitting here writing my last blog as an intern with the Downtown Boulder Partnership - DBP to us insiders! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to share my perspective with and experiences at downtown Boulder businesses with you all! This internship has encouraged me to branch out and try new places in addition to sticking to my safe-spots (I love them all equally). 

Through my time at DBP I tried new places like Foolish Craig’s, Blofish, My Neighbor Felix, The Bitter Bar, and Daikon Banh Mi. I went to My Neighbor Felix for the first time this weekend, and I can confidently say that the upbeat ambiance and unique decor pairs perfectly with the amazing food. Without a doubt, Foolish Craig’s is now my go-to brunch spot and will probably continue to be until I find myself living in another city! I don’t know if I will ever be able to part with their Whole Thing Crepe or Breakfast Bagel Sandwich (with veggie sausage, of course) so I might be coming back into town an a frequent basis no matter what my future holds. Over the past few months I have discovered my sister's (and my?!) love of....plants!  Terracotta has become her new favorite place to spend time. She brings home a new little plant every time we stop by and now has me convinced that you can never get enough time around plants.

Venturing out to new places was fun and exciting, but I still found myself at some favorites like Savannah Bee Company, Pasta Jay’s, Trident, and Laughing Goat. I have tried A LOT of honey from Savannah Bee Company, but I have yet to try their mead which is on my must-try list for the summer. I hear from friends that the Cinnamon Whipped Honey Chai from their cafe is also delicious and I can’t wait to try that, especially on a rainy day like the ones we have been having recently. 

Although my semester working at DBP is reaching its end, I still plan on spending all summer venturing out to businesses I didn’t make it to yet!  My first stop will be Corrida (as a gift to myself for finishing finals), then The Kitchen. I am also going to spend some serious time on the East End.  I would love to look around at Paradise Found Records & Music. Oh, and I can't foget....I see and hear so many people talking and posting about Avanti, but I haven’t been there yet either! I feel like that will end up being my summer spot because of their beautiful rooftop and intricate menu. 

Working with DBP  I have gotten the opportunity to meet some great people and business owners, and got to watch the community enjoy downtown Boulder from winter to spring, and now spring to summer (almost). But best of all… I got to contribute to a community that my family has been a part of for generations! I hope you all continue to love and support downtown Boulder’s local businesses -- I know I will! See ya around, downtown Boulder!




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