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Pasta Jay's

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Post Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I set out on a restaurant exploration in Downtown Boulder recently. Craving some Italian, my first stop was last Friday night at Pasta Jay’s. I chose this restaurant because it attracted all my senses, the most irresistible being the smell (mm garlic). Pasta Jay’s has an open layout with red and white checkered tablecloths that adds to the family-like atmosphere. The floor to ceiling windows surrounding the restaurant were all open, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Boulder weather as well as the comfort of the a/c , and a little people watching too. If the smells and the inviting family atmosphere didn’t have me and my boyfriend hooked from the start, one glance at the menu sure did. Let me tell you I couldn’t have been happier to put the carb-free diet on hold. Pasta Jay’s menu embodies authentic homemade Italian food.  I ordered the Veggie Cappelloni, basically manicotti with veggies and my boyfriend got the tortellini with chicken baked in alfredo sauce (hate to admit it but I wish I got his!). It was all delicious from the first to the last bite! With family size portions it’s perfect for sharing. However, the menu has so many choices we couldn’t narrow it down to one. And with sauce choices ranging from Alfredo, to pesto, to red sauce, the possibilities seemed endless. With all entrees they serve garlic bread so make sure to save a lot of room, you don’t want to miss out, trust me. It’s easy to see how Pasta Jay’s has resided and thrived in Boulder for over two decades.

Pasta Jay’s is up on the West End so it is easily located right off the bricks. So easily located and delicious my best friend Monica and my boyfriend and I sought our hungover refuge there late Saturday afternoon (yes, we were there twice in 48 hours). I am speaking for all three of us, but I think it’s safe to say we are all still full from our Pasta Jay’s binge. If you’re not in Boulder, Pasta Jay’s also has two other locations, Moab and Lone Tree.

Rain, shine, or even hungover, Pasta Jays’s is a must if you are craving some great family style Italian food and pizza. They also have a dog friendly outdoor patio, so if date night ends up dateless bring your four legged furry friend! I know my dog Grahm (aka granimal the party animal) would not put up a fight to lounge on the patio.

So check it out, enjoy some over-indulgence and great food and happy hour specials, featuring sangria, wines, and drafts! Be sure to join Pasta Jay’s for their World Famous Monday Night Spaghetti Night. It’s summer, you gotta live a little once and a while, or shall I say; eat a lot once and a while.

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