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Kidding Around with Organic Sandwich Company

Growing up in Michigan, Marcy found herself eating her fair share of sandwiches.  At home, her talented mom created a variety of meals made from fresh, high quality ingredients, many of which came straight from the family garden. Having access to natural, local, and organic ingredients became a priority and way of life, especially after her children were born.  Organic Sandwich Company was born at the Boulder Farmers Market in 2014 and her shop on Pearl Street's East End opened the following year.

A beautiful day on Pearl Street will inevitably lead us to get gelato at Gelato Boy - we love both locations but we prefer the one on the east end because of its proximity to the best puzzle shop in the land: Liberty Puzzles. Once our gelato is finished (and our hands are clean), we venture into the puzzle shop to see what’s new. We like to sit down and finish one of the puzzles on their coffee table. The kids' puzzles are super fun especially since we can do them over and over.  

A visit to the mall would not be complete without a stop at Into The Wind.  We could spend hours there looking at their fun toys and deciding what we should treat ourselves to. Tacos from T/ACO are also a house favorite plus their margaritas do the trick! My kids also love visiting the Boulder County Farmers Markets on Saturdays. Our bags are filled with fresh fruit and veggies from all the amazing farmers there, not to mention a few goodies too! 

We love the Holiday Parade on Pearl Street. We treat ourselves to Hot Cocoa from Ozo Coffee Co. and watch all the fun floats and bands march by. The happiness and spirit of everyone from the paraders to the spectators is contagious and fun. During the holiday season, my kids had fun looking for Freezie last year. Ramble on Pearl even gave them a prize for finding Freezie! While there we treated ourselves to the coziest (and cutest) hats from Nepal.  They will last for many seasons to come.  

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Marcy Miller


Organic Sandwich Company


February 2015

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