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Happiness Month is Here!

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Post Date: 08/02/2022

flowers and bench on pearl street

Hey Downtown!

If you didn’t know already, August is ‘Happiness Happens Month’ and there are endless downtown Boulder activities and events to get your happy on over the next few weeks! My wish for you this month is days filled with sunshine and smiling faces as you celebrate the things in life that bring you joy. If you are curious about secret societies and national holidays, read about the history of Happiness Happens Month here

There are so many opportunities to engage in happiness month right here downtown! For a chance to win one of two $50 Downtown Boulder Gift Cards, take a peek at our social media giveaway! Or, for a chance to win a $100  Downtown Boulder Gift Card, participate in our Happiness Challenge

Since happiness is contagious, the Happiness Challenge is a chance for you to share with others the places and moments that you cherish in and around downtown Boulder. Each week invites you to take a photo (and tag us on social media @downtownboulder!) doing a different activity downtown. Ready to learn what you need to do to be entered in our giveaway?

Week one (August 1 - 7) asks you to share your favorite place to enjoy a coffee, tea or beverage. If you read my last blog, you know I love the coffee shops around downtown Boulder - and it will be hard for me to pick just one to snap a picture of! Week two (August 8th - 14th) is all about making memories. Share a photo or video of your favorite busker or performer that you love watching on the mall. For me, one of the joy-giving activities on Pearl Street is listening to the various buskers sprinkled throughout downtown, so I’m looking forward to carving out some time to enjoy them this month! The third week (August 15th - 21st) of the Happiness Challenge invites you to tell us your favorite spot to eat. I know what you’re thinking - “How can I pick just one?!” I might use this week as an excuse to snag lunch at Foolish Craigs or Organic Sandwich Company. Moving into week four (August 22nd - 28th), you’ll find yourself at your go-to store for shopping. Mine will have to be browsing records at Beat Book Shop or stopping in Apocalypse to find a one-of-a-kind clothing item. Finally, the best thing (in my opinion) about Boulder is the views you can find from anywhere and everywhere! The last week of the Happiness Challenge (August 29th - September 4th) is to locate your favorite view downtown. Mine will most likely be a Flatiron fangirl moment on the rooftop of Avanti, Rosetta Hall or Rio Grande. I couldn’t be looking forward to this challenge more - any reason to spend some time downtown is one I will be taking advantage of!

Joy can be found in so many ways, and I love reading through the happy place spotlights to see the unique qualities of different places around Boulder and how they bring light and energy to various people. What a needed reminder that happiness looks different for each individual and can be found everywhere! What is your happy place? Admiring mountain views? Retail therapy? Sipping a drink in a busy restaurant? Whatever brings you laughter and bliss, it can be found downtown.

This month is sure to be a happy one for everyone here in Boulder. I’m looking forward to celebrating happiness with the help of our downtown challenges as well as actively searching for those daily moments of joy. Seeing pink clouds in sunsets over the Flatirons, sipping a perfectly made cup of coffee or admiring intricate flowers and plants are moments that always bring a smile to my face. Lucky for me, I am able to find all of these moments in my lovely backyard of downtown Boulder. Take time this month to recognize those little things in your life that result in big smiles! Be sure to check out the variety of events going on as well to schedule some happiness over the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see your happy moments around downtown this August. Remember to keep smiling!

See you around,


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