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See You Around the Mall Downtown!

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Post Date: Thursday, December 9, 2021

The outside of an art gallery that has a sign on the building that says 'love'

Hey Downtown,

As my time with the Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP) wraps up, I want to reflect on my experience. I’m sad to leave such an amazing team, but thankfully I live in town and can easily visit all the shops, restaurants and everyone else who keeps the 49 block district running. I have loved exploring old and new spots, as well as giving you the inside scoop on events and holidays! Every event, blog and social media post that I have created has been a great journey and an experience that I’ll never forget. 

While being here with DBP, I was able to revisit some of my favorite places such as Lindsay’s Boulder Deli @ Haagen Dazs, Ku Cha House of Tea and Falafel King. I was also able to have new experiences like tasting the buffalo chicken sandwich from Foolish Craig’s and sipping a delicious honey lavender latte from Savannah Bee Co. (Thanks for the recommendation Emi!). You can read about some of my foodie adventures in my blogs - Two Places You Should Grab a Bite to Eat at and Restaurants I Grew Up Eating at and Love! Downtown has so much to offer that it is definitely a great spot to explore all sorts of different foods while supporting local businesses! I know in the following years I’ll be tasting more of what downtown has to offer and enjoying every second of it. Some of my top places I still want to try are Ash’Kara, Avanti and Chimera Ramen

In addition to the vast mixture of restaurants and coffee shops, downtown also has so many stores to explore. I was able to visit some in my Bundle Up with Some Warm Gear and Exploring Downtown blogs! Each shop on the mall offers so many unique pieces. If I could, I’d totally shop until I drop! Every store owner and employee I’ve had the opportunity to meet has been unbelievably kind and welcoming. I’ll miss being able to stop by shops once a week and chat with people.

I was also able to work on some really significant pieces while being here at DBP. The two I’m most proud of are The Significance of Native American Heritage Month blog and the Scavenger Hunt I designed with the help of the DBP team. Both of these projects expanded my knowledge on the history of downtown and furthered my communication skills. I hope that you are able to learn more about downtown through these pieces as well and enjoy reading them as much as I did creating them!

My favorite experience I’ve had with DBP during my internship was attending Fall Fest. It was a blast learning about all the ins and outs of event work and assisting many of the vendors during the three day festival. I really liked watching kids learn a dance early in the morning hours and loved all the food and live music we booked. Here’s a recap of what Fall Fest offered. It’s a great way to support individual artists and local businesses while enjoying yummy food and live music. Fall Fest is definitely something I’ll be looking forward to in the future. I hope to see you there next year!

Working with DBP this fall has provided me with immense personal and professional growth. I have learned so much about Boulder and what downtown has to offer. I’m glad I was able to explore and write about what downtown is like through the eyes of someone who has lived in Boulder their whole life! I know the skills I’ve gained and the community I’ve been a part of will assist me in my career down the line. Downtown will always have a special place in my heart, and I will forever be thankful for DBP taking me on as their intern!

Thank you for all the laughs and unique experiences. I will miss everyone here.

Until next time,


P.S. If you ever see me out and about downtown, feel free to say hello! I’d love to meet more people within the community.

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