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Farewell Downtown Boulder!

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Hello Downtown Readers, 

Unfortunately, this will be the last time I’m writing to you as my summer internship wraps up. In the last few months, I’ve had a fantastic time trying new places around downtown Boulder and learning more about the awesome people that make up the Boulder community. I have been fortunate enough to pick up lots of real-world experience while getting to work in our beautiful downtown district. 

This internship helped me connect with different parts of downtown Boulder through blogs, gift guides and social posts. My favorite project that I worked on this summer was definitely my outdoor gear guide. A big part of why I love Boulder is how easy it is for me to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking and more. Naturally, I am also a big fan of all the necessary equipment and clothing that goes along with each sport, so I was super excited when working on the gear guide as my final project. Getting the opportunity to check out all the new outdoor equipment stores like Stio, Black Diamond and Backcountry - just to name a few - was awesome because I have and still use equipment from those three companies in particular. Writing about things that I’m already passionate about was a really cool part of my internship! 

In the last few months, I have tried a few of the many delicious restaurants throughout downtown like Foolish Craig’s, Organic Sandwich Co, Pizza Colóre and more. While it’s hard to choose, my favorite is for sure Foolish Craig’s. Since I went to check out Foolish Craig’s, I have been back a few times and somehow, each new menu item I try is better than what I got the last time. However, if I had to pick my favorite it would definitely be the sweet Butter Rum Caramel Crêpes!  Each restaurant I tried was delicious, and luckily for me, there are still plenty of places that I have yet to explore. I will definitely make my way to the West End for some BBQ from West End Tavern and some tasty tacos from My Neighbor Felix

While I had many great experiences this summer, Bands on the Bricks was easily my favorite. The turnout and excitement from the Boulder community contributed to an amazing atmosphere on the 1300 block of the mall. The entire night, people were dancing and singing along to The Long Run. I thought it was fantastic to see a large crowd come together and have some fun after a challenging year for everyone. Bands on the Bricks is an event that clearly means a lot to the Boulder Community, and it really showed through the amount of joy that it brought the crowd that night. Not to mention seeing a live musical performance on the bricks surrounded by businesses and the Flatirons in the background makes for a pretty awesome place to see some live music. 

This summer, I had an amazing time working for Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP) alongside the hardworking, selfless people who do so much for the Boulder community. I would like to thank everyone at DBP for welcoming me and letting me be a part of all the great work they do for downtown Boulder. You all taught me so much about being a part of an organized and efficient organization, in addition to all the knowledge I learned about public relations and marketing. Through my internship, I strengthened my connection with downtown Boulder and will continue to have new experiences in such an amazing community.

Thanks for reading, 

Jacob S.  

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