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Back to School Essentials 2019


I have the same feelings every year when August comes around: I am shocked that summer is almost over and I dread the fact that I have to go back to school. While I get nervous about all the upcoming exams and projects, I also have a sense of excitement for what’s to come in the new school year. One thing I have always loved about going back to school is the back to school shopping. I have put together a back to school guide that contains everything you will need to ensure a terrific school year! If you are a friend or relative wanting to send your favorite student a little care package, a Downtown Boulder gift card can be used at over 200 downtown businesses and can be purchased in amounts from $10 - $500. The gift card gives recipients the freedom to shop and dine at endless options for all their back to school needs!


Intern Sally

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Women's clothing from Elison Rd.

Looking to turn heads this school year, ladies? Elison Rd is the place to shop for all the best and newest trends, as well as timeless pieces. An outfit from this shop will make you feel your best, while also looking your best.

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Men's clothing from Canoe Club

To all the guys wanting to start the school year off right, be sure to stop by Canoe Club. You will be able to put together a stylish ensemble in a matter of minutes with how many clothing options Canoe Club offers. Be prepared to get lots of compliments when you walk into your first class wearing an outfit from Canoe Club.

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Perfect study spot at The Laughing Goat

One of the best coffee shops to get work done in downtown Boulder is at the Laughing Goat. With their abundance of tables and open atmosphere, the Laughing Goat is the perfect place to get a study group together. Their late hours and vast coffee menu also make a great spot to cram for tests.

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Spa services at Dragontree Spa

A great way to reduce stress and anxieties about school is to treat yourself to a spa day. The Dragontree Spa is dedicated to giving you a therapeutic experience for your mind, body, and soul. Dragontree Spa offers a special in which you can get a $30 foot bath for $15 if you book a same day appointment, perfect for us college kids walking all over campus!

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Health products from Pharmaca

It happens every year around midterms. With study guides and test preparation comes sniffly noses and sore throats. Prepare for any illness that infects your school by getting vitamins, medicine, and more from Pharmaca! Get plenty of sleep and wash your hands, kids!

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Colorado themed souvenirs from Boco Life

Get in preparation for University of Colorado football games by shopping at Boco Life. Find cute and comfortable gear to wear to the renowned Rocky Mountain Showdown. Not a CU student? First of all, I’m sorry. Second of all, Boco Life has lots of great Colorado t-shirts and souvenirs not related to the university.

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Tea from Ku Cha Tea House

The best way to unwind from a hectic school day is with a cup of nice, hot tea. Ku Cha House of Tea has a huge variety of teas that will satisfy any taste. You can also create your own tea at their Blend-Your-Own-Tea bar.

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Books from Boulder Bookstore

Summertime is a wonderful time to dive into novels, but that doesn’t have to end once school starts! Boulder Bookstore has shelves full all kinds of books, from mystery fiction novels to memoirs. Whenever you are feeling stressed about an assignment, escape with a book from Boulder Bookstore.

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Backpacks from Topo Design

With all the heavy books you’ll need for your classes, you will want something sturdy and high quality to hold your school items. Topo Design offers well made and stylish backpacks for all different kinds of lifestyles. Find a backpack for school, as well as for hiking on the weekends!

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Bicycles from University Bikes

With Boulder’s traffic, the best way to get to school is by riding a bike. Using a bike as your transportation is great for the environment, you get some exercise, and you can clear your head to and from school. University Bikes has racks on racks of bikes, and their employees are committed to finding the perfect bike for you.

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Note taking materials from Two Hands Paperie

Start stretching your hand muscles now because once school starts you are going to be taking notes and writing essays all day long. These activities don’t have to be all bad, though. With the right journals and writing utensils, scribbling facts can actually be fun! Two Hands Paperie has a large selection of colorful and fun notebooks, pens, and markers to make class more enjoyable.

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