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A Perfect Day Downtown with Whole Sol

Phil Dumontet and his wife, Alexa, moved to Boulder for its amazingly healthy, active & fun lifestyle. As the owners of Whole Sol Blend Bar on the Pearl Street Mall, they understood the value of opening a business in a city that aligns with their personal values. He loves Boulder because it makes it incredibly easy to accomplish your health & fitness goals because the environment, values & culture is built around wellness. He feels his best - his happiest, most alive, most truest self - when he is active and accomplishing his goals. The community of Boulder propels him forward & inspires him every day. 

My perfect day in Boulder always starts with movement.  Walking, running, biking or hiking (but usually, running), for me, is the best way to start the day. I've been fortunate enough to run 12 marathons, and I love doing all my long training runs in/around Boulder and on the LoBo Trail.  There's nothing quite like running down the LoBo trail into Boulder, or west, and having the most beautiful, epic views of the Flatirons.  Every day, they are like a different canvass, depending on the weather & how the light hits them.  Along with Central Park in Manhattan, it's one of the most inspiring places to run.  

Like clockwork, after working out, I hit the sauna to stretch.  Hot-cold therapy is the most energizing and effective to me.  So when I'm done with the morning sweat, I'll take a contrast shower - I shared more details of this with the TODAY show :)

Then, it's time for breakfast.  My body needs super clean, simple, organic food to run at its best.  Alexa and I created Whole Sol for this purpose. I'll start my day with an OG with chocolate protein added, in what is without a doubt the purest, most well-balanced acai bowl on the market.  Or I'll go with our Primal hot bowl with our homemade hemp pesto or White Truffle Avocado Toast.  To drink, I always pair this with one of our USDA Organic Certified Post Workout Power Up shots, which is a supercharged turmeric shot to help me recover.  Everything at Whole Sol are recipes we created in our kitchen at home.  We don't add anything unnecessary, and the goal is always to make sure customers feel better - more energized, satisfied, inspired - than when they walked in.

I like to take a mid-day break outside with a stroll on the Pearl Street Mall, stopping into Boxcar or Ozo for a cold-brew.  I only drink cold-brew - it doesn't matter what time of year.  If I have more time, Chautauqua Park is also a stunning place to take a walk.

If I am not running the trails or managing Whole Sol with my wife, I am spending time with our three furry friends (or human friends).  As for dinner time, I'm lucky that Alexa cooks up amazing recipes at home, but if we do go out, we've been to OAK more than any other restaurant for dinner.  For special occasions, everyone knows Frasca is the best. 

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