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Live What You Love with Shoe Fly

Kristin Mauri, a former pharmaceutical industry executive, and Michael Bruns, an investor, adviser and CFO to technology companies, are the new owners of Shoe Fly. Kristin and Michael believe that life is short and you should do what you love.  When they are not in the store you can find them hiking the mountains around Boulder with their dog Oscar.

Michael and I recently moved to Boulder for a change of pace.  Having lived a hectic urban lifestyle in Chicago for over 15 years, we were looking for an opportunity to do more of what we loved, including connecting with a smaller community and enjoying the outdoors.  Boulder was the perfect answer!  

As I drive down Broadway every morning from North Boulder, I never tire of the breathless views of the mountains.  Appreciating the natural beauty of Boulder is great way to start my day and soothe my soul.

I love to start my morning with a stroll down to OZO Coffee Co. to grab an amazing cup of coffee which provides me the energy to start my day with a bang.  About mid-day, when I feel like I need a little pick me up, I run over to Lolita's to grab one of their delicious deli sandwiches.  And, of course no day is complete without wrapping things up with a cocktail.  There are so many great happy hour options in Downtown Boulder,  but we are particularly fond of the craft cocktails at The Bitter Bar and the margaritas at Bartaco.

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Kristin Mauri & Michael Bruns


Shoe Fly


New Ownership: 2018

Why Downtown?

Downtown Boulder provides us the opportunity to connect with local Boulderites on a regular basis as well as share this wonderful town with visitors and tourists

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