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Downtown Insider with Cured

Husband and wife dynamic duo, Will & Coral Frischkorn own Cured in downtown. Will and Coral have meticulously filled each and every shelf with products they love, produced by like-minded people that they are excited to champion. The consistently rotating and constantly refined selection at Cured is the result of ‘grueling’ hours spent eating, drinking and tasting, finding the very best of the best, the products that truly make people say “WOW”.

We’re lucky to have some amazing shopping in Boulder at the moment. We’re both a bit addicted to Cedar & Hyde. We’ve also recently discovered Island Farm which has an amazing collection of everything from baby clothes to throw pillows to jewelry to cookbooks-the place is amazing!

For Drinks, our two favorite spots for a drink are the bar at Frasca or Oak…I love tucking into the bar at Frasca and letting Ali create some divine concoction to enjoy with a plate of frico, not to mention having access to their wine list, though an Oak Old Fashioned and some fried pickles…pretty much my idea of heaven. We’re beyond lucky to be surrounded by some incredible restaurants.

Our "favorite" dinner spot changes weekly, but this week I would have to say Arcana. With 2 small kiddos and 2 businesses, our nights out are rare, but every time we get one we can’t seem to want to go anywhere else. Chef Kyle has created an inspired and innovative menu, the wine list Michael has curated is endlessly enticing, and echoes so much of what we have in our own wine shop, and the decor and aesthetics of both the space and the food are second to none.  

For rare late nights, we still love the Kitchen Upstairs.  It’s a Boulder staple, but is pretty much our perfect type of “bar”, providing a perfect spot to tuck away in a corner for a great beer, glass of wine, cocktail, or just some fries and a sticky toffee pudding to cap off the night.

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August 2010

Why Downtown?

Boulder’s Downtown is one of the few places left places where small business still hold the majority, and where the town that surrounds us loves supporting local.

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