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Summer Saturday with the Boulder County Farmers Markets

Since 2012, Brian Coppom has been the Executive Director of the Boulder County Farmers Markets. It was both his first agriculture-related experience and his first nonprofit experience and he fell in love with both. Growing up in Boulder, Brian knows the ins and outs of a great day downtown. 

As you might expect, my Saturday always starts at the Farmers Market. When I walk toward the market, I love the sense of anticipation that builds as I see vendors and customers interacting and having fun. I never grow tired of seeing the local farmers and feeling the safety and sense of community they bring to the market. It draws me in and makes me want to be part of it.

It is hard to go wrong with the food court at the market. The selections are vast and the picnic settings are first class. If I'm in the mood to sit down at my own table, Seeds Library Cafe has one of Colorado's most authentic farm-to-table menus (95% locally sourced) and has some of the best views in Boulder.

The market can get pretty busy and a short respite is often welcome. Fortunately, BMoCA is close and I find the exhibits often beautiful and always thought provoking. Art brings me a larger perspective of the world and is the perfect reset on a busy day. If I want some downtime, Central Park is beautiful and a welcome opportunity to sit next to the creek and relax. It is a magical thing to look at the view west towards the library and mountains while the sounds of the creek and kids laughing are in the background and I can feel the cool air coming off of the water. For a moment, or maybe two, anything else just fades into the distance.

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