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The History of Alfalfa's

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Post Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Photo courtesy of @alfalfasmarket via Instagram

When I started my sophomore year at CU Boulder, my best friend and I quickly discovered Alfalfa’s was the perfect spot to study for the math class we were in together. Located right in between our houses and fairly close to campus, the store was a great place to meet up and do homework or walk to after class for a quick snack. In honor of one of my favorite grocery stores, I want to share with you all the history of Alfalfa’s and some of it’s features that make it so unique!

Alfalfa’s was started in 1979, and was first called Pearl Street Market. However, the name eventually changed and Alfalfa’s stuck! The original store is the same one that’s present today, located at the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe. However, the store closed for several years when it merged with Wild Oats Market and a different grocery store moved into that retail space. In July 2010, Alfalfa’s became independent again and moved back to its original location. After an extensive renovation, the Alfalfa’s we all know and love reopened at the end of 2010. Alfalfa’s mission has always been to provide organic, local food and support sustainable farming practices. This is why I always feel good about shopping there and recommend it to everyone that I meet!

Whether you’re an Alfalfa’s newbie or have been shopping there for years, there’s always a little more to discover. On Thursdays, CU Boulder students can receive 10% off their purchase when they show a student ID (this is perfect for stocking up on snacks for the weekend). It’s the only Boulder grocery store to sell wine, beer and spirits, and they serve fresh sushi from Sushi Zanmai (another one of my favorite places to eat in downtown Boulder). Alfalfa’s also has a cafe at the back of the store with free WiFi and a cozy fireplace. When it’s snowing out, I love to pick up a sandwich from the deli and eat it by the fire. In the warmer months, I take my lunch across the street and eat alongside Boulder Creek!

I hope this post encourages you to support one of my favorite local businesses. The beauty of Alfalfa’s is that it serves so many purposes- a study spot, a place to grab staples for family dinner, and a great atmosphere to pick up a meal and enjoy it alone or with friends. Be sure to stop by (with your mask, of course) so you can experience one of Boulder’s best grocery stores! 


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