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The Perfect Way to Welcome Fall

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Post Date: Monday, September 15, 2014

There's no doubt about it: Fall is a special time of year, especially in Boulder. The leaves here turn to warm hues of red and orange just before the legendary Boulder winds rip them from their branches, and sun dresses and shorts turn to snuggly sweaters. Downtown Boulder's Fall Fest is really the perfect way to celebrate this majestic changing of the season and I'll tell you why...

1: Fall means cold weather is coming and that means more time spent indoors, a taboo for most Boulderites. Fall Fest is a chance to make inside spaces more welcoming and even naturey-feeling by purchasing beautiful art pieces to adorn those empty walls and shelves. Avoid going stir-crazy by personalizing your indoor space and making it somewhere that you want to hang out.

Credit to Phil Lewis

Many Fall Fest artists are local to Colorado, such as Boulder favorite Phil Lewis. Phil Lewis is known for distinguishable style of art which is especially evident in his piece, "The Flatirons" that adorns the walls of dorm rooms, houses, and businesses throughout the Boulder community.

Credit to Megan Morgan at Strange Bird Designs

Each Fall Fest artist is completely unique, such as Louisville artist and owner of Strange Bird Designs Megan Morgan. Megan is especially focused on a special type of art that that she calls "Coffee Art Print" in which she stretches burlap coffee bags over frames and then draws on them using oil pastels, paint, and stencils.

2: I could spend the entire day talking about all of the amazing art that is going to be available at Fall Fest but that just wouldn't give you a sense of the breadth or depth of this event. The art is incredible but there is so much more to see and do! The Fall Fest Children's Carnival includes all sorts of fun rides and activities for kids to unleash that boundless energy in an outdoor arena.


With an obstacle course, bungee basketball, WoW (walk on water) Bubbles​​, jousting, and more, I'm almost tempted to kid-out for the day and try some of these attractions myself. And don't miss the Face Painting booth! The unlimited ride wrist band available on Friday night for $15 (excludes WoW Bubbles) is a good way to fend off the onset of cabin fever during the cold months by letting the young ones go crazy.

3: There's going to be plenty of music at Fall Fest, from acoustic rock to reggae, and plenty to drink! Let's face it, Boulderites are a thirsty crowd and we love our live music. Kicking back a Rio margarita or a beer from Avery while listening to funky new tunes from a Colorado artist is the best way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

The Fall Fest music lineup has something for everyone, which is what makes it so perfect for the eclectic tastes of Boulder music lovers. From Lesley and the Flying  Foxes (pictured above) for the little ones enjoyment to 12 piece Colorado funk sensation, Funkiphino, there truly is no limit to the variety of music (and art) at Fall Fest.

4: Get out and get social with the entire Boulder community! I've said it once and I'll say it again- the community here in Boulder is something special, and that's because of all of the incredible people that make it up. Fall Fest is your one stop for art, music, and especially mingling with members of the community that we are all a part of.

For Buffs fans, don't miss the Pearl Street Stampede (aka pep rally) on Friday at 7 pm. It will start on the 1300 block and head West.

Go Buffs!


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