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Fly fishing

When Steve and Madalaine McLaughlin reached retirement, they began searching for a new life project. What could keep these retired executives busy, while still fulfilling their passion for the outdoors and adventure? That’s when they approached Front Range Anglers, a premium fly fishing shop, seeking its fourth generation of ownership. In December of 2012, the couple bought the store.

“Steve has been fly fishing since the age of five,” said Madalaine. “He has really gravitated toward this sport his entire life, and in the last 15 years he has expanded into saltwater fishing. I also enjoy the sport, and our son has become an avid fly fisherman. It’s the perfect fit.”

Front Range Anglers has been an essential Boulder fly fishing resource since its opening in 1982. “We are a 3,000 square foot fly fishing only shop with an extremely experienced staff of experts in the industry.” As an Orvis-endorsed outfitter, Madalaine explained that Front Range Anglers staff follow certain fly fishing protocols and standards. “Our staff lead guided trainings, fly-tying demonstrations and classes as well as summer co-ed Kids Camps. We also provide Domestic and International Adventure Travel managed by our daughter who handles the bookings to try your hand at fishing in unique locations such as Belize, Iceland, Alaska and Florida Keys.”

As a fly fishing hub, Boulder is the ideal spot for a fully-equipped store with an experiential component. “Colorado as a whole is perfect for fly fishing. The Boulder community specifically is phenomenal at supporting our business. We are able to grow primarily due to loyal locals. However, we also see a large number of travelers in the summer that want to try fly fishing for the first time, which is really special. It’s wonderful to introduce people to the sport.”

While Front Range Anglers is based in Boulder, it has a national reach. “People come to us for our expertise. We have four people on our team that are manufacturer professionals within the industry, and they can help answer questions about any products or techniques. Beginners and Intermediates are welcome to book a guided trip to go out with guides and learn in the water. We host many trips to Rocky Mountain National Park and beyond to help fly fishers gain experience in both freshwater and saltwater.”

Whether you are a seasoned fly fishing pro or looking to try out the activity for the first time, head to Front Range Anglers for expert advice and hands-on training. “Aside from our brick and mortar shop, we also have an extensive website which people can easily order from. Follow us on social media (@frontrangeanglers) and come inside the store to chat!”

Once they reached retirement, Madalaine and Steve knew they would have the time to pour into their passion for outdoor recreation. Becoming owners of Front Range Anglers ended up being the ideal fit for their interests. If you are a local looking to try something new or a visitor passing through, book a Guided Trip to learn a new skill! It just might become a passion.

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Colorado as a whole is perfect for fly fishing. The Boulder community specifically is phenomenal at supporting our business.

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