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R Gallery + Wine Bar

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Rob Lantz is in the business of beautification - from capturing stunning photographs to showcasing local artists downtown, he has a talent for finding and creating art. A photographer and artist himself, Rob moved out to Boulder in 2015 for inspiration.

“The mountains really drove me here. I wanted a change of place and I’ve always loved Colorado. For the first time in my life, I have felt truly at home here - this is where I belong. Being here has really inspired me to work more on my art and build a portfolio I am happy with. Coming to Colorado helped me become the artist I wanted to be,” said Rob.

But his work did not stop there. “A few years ago, I decided it was a good time to open an art gallery and become more involved in the local art community. I realized there weren’t many permanent spaces for local artists to show and sell their work, and so I wanted to create an approachable gallery featuring Colorado artists of all kinds.”

In March of 2019, Rob’s dreams became a reality with the opening of R Gallery. “We showcase everything from painting and sculpture to local jewelry, both big and small works. People can come and admire the work or buy pieces to take home.”

Then, during COVID, the space next to R Gallery opened up. Rob had another idea - a wine bar! So he remodeled the gallery, connected the two spaces and built a full wine and beer bar with charcuterie and dessert offerings. “I’m excited that R Gallery + Wine Bar is now a meeting spot. We host art talks, poetry nights and really provide a space for the community to celebrate local artists.”

Rob enjoys being downtown because a lot of different people from around the world can see the gallery in addition to loyal local customers. “Giving back to the community is my favorite aspect of my work. We are able to pass on monetary support to local artists who showcase in our space. It’s much needed and appreciated work.”

His advice for anyone else interested in supporting artists? “Shop local! When you support small businesses and artists, that generosity compounds throughout the community. Think of R Gallery + Wine Bar the next time you are looking for a new art piece, small gift or even a glass of wine.”

Rob has a special talent for connecting the community to artists. Be sure to follow R Gallery + Wine Bar on social media ( and stop by for a beverage or a new piece of home decor. 

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R Gallery + Wine Bar



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A lot of different people from around the world can see the gallery in addition to loyal local customers.

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