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Ku Cha House of Tea

Without bitterness, there cannot be sweetness. Only after we endure through struggles can we fully appreciate goodness. Such is the philosophy of Ku Cha House of Tea entrepreneurs and husband and wife, Qin Liu and Rong Pan. When they opened their tea house in 2006, this mindset allowed them to appreciate the hard work required to achieve greatness. A small business requires time, energy, financial resources - and also a whole lot of passion and sweetness. Thus, the name was born - “ku” (Chinese for ‘bitter’) and “cha” (Chinese for ‘tea’). 

When Destiny King moved to Boulder from Texas, she stumbled upon Ku Cha and fell in love with tea through them. “There is such a communal aspect to tea - it’s really a culture of its own. Getting to engage and talk over something you drink is so special,” said Destiny. A little over five years ago, Destiny became the store manager for the flagship location in the heart of the Pearl Street Mall.

Ku Cha House of Tea - Boulder carries over 170 loose-leaf teas. “Loose-leaf tea is different from bagged tea due to the wholeness of the leaf. There is far less breakage involved, which allows for more infusions, more benefits and a more pleasant tea drinking experience.” Along with a wide variety of teas, Ku Cha also offers teapots, mugs and tea accessories, in addition to expert information on all things tea. “We have a really unique experiential retail store. People can order drinks to enjoy in our traditional Chinese Tea House, or they can purchase beverages or loose-leaf teas to-go.”

Not only is Ku Cha based in Boulder, but the warehouse where many of the teas are hand blended is also located in Boulder. “I’ve really fallen in love with downtown. It’s amazing to be part of such a close-knit community - there is so much passion and compassion here among neighbors and customers alike.”

Support Ku Cha by stopping by the store and chatting with staff members over a warm cup of tea. “We can talk about tea all day. Come in and learn more about the huge variety of blends and benefits.”

Having a small business is not always easy - in fact, there will be many bitter moments. However, the struggles result in far sweeter victories. Follow Ku Cha House of Tea on social media (@kuchatea) and visit Destiny to share a pot of her favorite tea - Dang Cong Honey Orchid Oolong.


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Ku Cha House of Tea



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It’s amazing to be part of such a close-knit community - there is so much passion and compassion here among neighbors and customers alike.

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