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Shoe Fly

Kristin holding shoe in store

After spending 20 years in the corporate world of pharmaceutical drug development, Kristin needed a change. She wanted to be her own boss and pursue her lifelong dream of owning a business in the fashion industry. 

So she and her husband, Michael, went for radical change and moved to Boulder from Chicago. “We are huge ski fanatics and spent lots of time in Colorado before making the move. Then, we had friends move out here and knew we needed to follow their lead. The small community feel and accessibility to the mountains is unparalleled,” said Kristin.

In 2018, Kristin was able to fulfill her dream when she and Michael purchased ShoeFly. “Everything really came together. This was the right place for us to move at the right time in our lives. I was given the opportunity to own a fashion store in an amazing location surrounded by a strong, supportive community - this was the dream come true.”

Over the years, Kristin and Michael have been able to build a loyal following on Pearl Street’s West End of locals and tourists alike. “We love when customers tell us we are one of their favorite places to shop because one of our main focus areas is on providing personalized customer service. We are able to offer individualized advice and help customers find the best shoe for their needs.”

Not only has the couple gained a stellar reputation in the community, but they have been able to expand the business as well. “We recently started selling both men’s and women’s shoes, which is a shift from previously being a women-centric boutique. In addition to expanding our offering, we try to acquire an eclectic assortment of vendors. Unlike a big box store, you will find small boutique lines out of Europe in our store.”

If you are looking for fashion-forward, comfortable footwear, Kristin encourages you to shop local and come into the store or browse online. “When you support local businesses, you are supporting local families and employees.” Be sure to follow ShoeFly on social media (@shoeflyboulder) and leave positive online reviews.

While achieving your dream may take time, Kristin at ShoeFly is a perfect example of the payoff that comes from tenacity and taking a risk. “Becoming my own boss and entering the fashion industry in a community like Boulder has been absolutely worth it. Take a chance!”

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The small community feel and accessibility to the mountains is unparalleled!

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