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Rediscover...The Perfect House Plant

Eben Metivier grew up in a beautiful farm home in Maine - so beautiful, in fact, that people constantly stopped outside to take photos. His mother had an incredible green thumb, and their yard was always overflowing with colorful flowers and natural beauty. The gift didn’t stop with her, though.

As a kid, Eben would attend parties with his mother but would often disappear. No one worried because they always knew where he went: to clean up and tend to the plants in other rooms. Later on as a Boy Scout, Eben took a particular interest in learning all the names of the plants and trees. “I have always been fascinated by plants,” said Eben. “My mother was really a great inspiration for my lifelong affinity of the botanical.”

But life took Eben in different directions, and he moved to San Francisco to open a craniosacral therapy practice. There he met Adria, his future business partner. When COVID-19 first hit, the two decided it was time for a big change. Within weeks, they packed their bags and headed to Boulder.

Initially, they moved for IT and therapy opportunities. However, Eben’s green thumb never left him. Since business was slow due to the pandemic, he decided to focus more on turning his passion for plants into something more tangible. He set up a picnic table in his front yard, placed 12 plants for sale and waited to see what would happen.

He wound up selling all 12 plants in one day. So he did it again...and again...and again! Within 10 weeks, Eben and Adria had gained a small following and made a nice profit. They moved from the front yard picnic table to a small pop-up on the East End at 17th and Pearl streets where they stayed for four months. When a permanent location opened up at 20th and Pearl streets in the spring of 2021, the two had built a solid enough foundation to become full-time plant store owners and entrepreneurs.

“We started this shop because we found that there was overwhelming support in the community to have it. People really wanted what we offered, and it was unique to feel that level of commitment as a new business.”

Terracotta has evolved into far more than just a plant store - they sell body care, home goods and operate a small cafe inside. “In addition, we are starting a workshop program in the store. Workshops can range from basic plant skills - like learning to build a terrarium, to after-hours wine, cheese and succulent planting parties. We also like to hold movement events tied to physical and mental health and wellness.” Another unique Terracotta offering includes corporate plant sales and care, where members of the Terracotta team set up businesses with plants and then care for them post-installation. 

“Boulder is a really special community, where offerings like these are desired. We love being in the heart of downtown and forming relationships with locals and tourists alike.” Follow the store’s evolution on social media (@topterracotta) and stop by to meet Eben and Adria. If you’re lucky, their green thumbs might just wear off on you. 

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Boulder is a really special community, where offerings like these are desired. We love being in the heart of downtown and forming relationships with locals and tourists alike.

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