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Two Sole Sisters

headshot of Laurel

An entrepreneurial spirit. A gap in the downtown Boulder market. And a memory of their grandmothers’ amazing shoe collections filled with teal green “roach killers” and red satin heels. This served as the foundation for the arrival of Two Sole Sisters to Pearl Street’s East End almost 14 years ago.

Sisters Laurel and Lindsey moved from Texas to Colorado after Lindsey attended CU Boulder, fostering a love for the landscape and the local area. “When I first came to Boulder, we joked about opening a shoe store. We noticed a gap in the market for fashion footwear, and I owned a business prior to relocating,” said Laurel.

But in 2007, the sisters began seriously planning a business together. Between their long line of family entrepreneurs and the inspiration of their grandmothers’ collections, the two started off with a solid foundation. But when the store opened in 2008, the recession hit.

“When we first opened, we were the only employees and we maintained a small inventory. Right away, we received amazing support from the local community. And over the past 13 years, that is something that has never changed - through all the ups and downs, the Boulder community is committed to supporting small businesses.”

Over the years, the sisters have learned the importance of communication - with one another and with their customers. “I once had someone say that Two Sole Sisters is the equivalent of a barber’s shop. You go in and they know about your family wedding or your kid’s bat mitzvah. They celebrate life’s moments with you. And that’s what we really strive for - we aren’t just selling a pair of shoes, but we are building a relationship.”

These relationships are why Two Sole Sisters has remained in Boulder for so many years. “This community is so giving. Not only do we love our customers, but we love all the surrounding downtown businesses. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.”

If you are looking to support Two Sole Sisters, be sure to come downtown and walk into the store or check them out online and leave positive feedback on social media (@twosolesisters). 

“No matter your mood or what is happening around you, a pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks.” Laurel and Lindsey were inspired by the power of a good pair of shoes many years ago, dressing up in their grandmothers’ collections. Head to Two Sole Sisters and experience for yourself the confidence of new kicks. 


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Through all the ups and downs, the Boulder community is committed to supporting small businesses.

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